My automatic watch has suddenly stopped operating, please help.

My automatic watch has suddenly stopped operating, please help.

Please go through the following checks, as your watch might be affected by nearby magnetism and temperature which may temporarily or lose time or stop operating:

A. Have you placed your watch at the following magnetic products that may affect your watch?

1. Cellular phone (speaker)
2. Bag with magnet buckle
3. AC-powered shaver
4. Portable radio (speaker)
5. Magnetic cooking device eg. Microwave oven
6. Magnetic health belt
7. Magnetic necklace
8. Magnetic health mat
9. Magnetic health pillow
10. Television
11. Staying near high voltage power lines 
12. any electrical products that emits magnetic field

Solution: Please keep the watch more than 10cm away from magnetic products. It may take some time to resume back to normal.

B. Have you dropped your watch, hit it against a hard surface or wore it while playing active / extreme sports that was exposed to strong vibrations?


Please go to warranty section for the below title:

What are the terms and conditions to claim warranty and how do I claim warranty for my watch?

C: Have you left your watch in extremely high or low temperatures for a long time?

Solution: The watch will resume when the watch returns to normal temperature.