What should I do if my Automatic watch gain/ lose few seconds?

What should I do if my Automatic watch gain/ lose few seconds?

If your watch loses or gains a few seconds per day, you can correct it without expert aid.

We suggest the following methods to adjust gain/ lose time for watch:

Method 1:

The hairspring in the movement probably got stuck and caused the movement to gain/lose time. 

Suggestion is while you wear your watch and shaking your wrist at half the speed of the watches working frequency (3 times per second) for 5 seconds. Most customers found this solution working perfectly and now keeps time accurately.

Method 2:

The rate of a watch varies slightly depending upon its position. You can take it off at night and place it as follows:

1. To gain a few seconds:
Lay the watch flat with the dial uppermost.
2. To lose a few seconds:
Lay the watch vertically with the winding-button downwards.
3. To lose rather more seconds:
Lay the watch vertically with the winding-button uppermost.
(This is reproduced from Rolex instruction manual)


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