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            Do I need to protect my watch against chemicals?

            Wherever possible, yes. Soaps, caustic soda solutions and cleaning products should not come into contact with your watch. Sooner or later all chemicals will damage the seals in your watch. Certain chemical solvents, such as petrol or gasoline and acetone can have such a drastic effect on seals that your watch is no longer water-resistant.

            Some might ask, 

            Question: Can I keep my watch on in the shower?

            We advise you to take your water-resistant watch off when showering. Soap and shower gels are designed to reduce the surface tension of water because this makes it easier to remove particles of dirt from the skin. However, soapy water can also penetrate the minute gaps between the parts of the case and the seals. Please note this whenever you clean your watch.

            Water can also be very detrimental to leather straps; certain types of leather (e.g. crocodile skin) should never come into contact with water.  

            Updated: 22 May 2017 04:09 PM
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