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            How to Change Your Paypal Shipping Address?

            Please note that Bodying only ship to Paypal Confirmed Shipping Address stated on the transaction. We are unable to ship to a different address.

            We prefer to ship to your work address whereby there is always someone to sign for the parcel.

            If you want your packages going to a different shipping address, the following steps shows you how to change your address info:

            1. Before you consider changing your shipping address, make sure your bank statements currently are coming to the address you want to list under your paypal account. Otherwise you will have an unconfirmed address. 

            2. Go to and log into your Paypal account.

            3. Look for the profile icon and click on it. There will be a list of options to add or edit, pick address, the fourth one down.

            4. You will see your current address (Home) or other shipping location listed. If you still want to change it go to edit and click on it. Add in the street address you wish to ship it to and set it as Home.

            5. Upon payment, Paypal will automatically pick the shipping address that was set as Home.

            6. If your Paypal account is newly created, it is advisable to verify your account as soon as you can prior making payment.

            Updated: 08 Jun 2017 05:14 PM
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