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            How to create a Paypal account and add credit/debit card to your new Paypal Account?

            It is quite easy to create a Paypal account. 

            1. Create a login name. Login name will be an email address.

            2. Then create a password.

            3. Once login, go to "My account/ Profile / Financial Information-Credit/Debit Cards. Just Edit/Remove or Add a Card. Key in the new card details, click Add Card. Save and Continue.

            4. Then, check your card statement in 2-5 days (depending on your financial institution) and find the 4-digit PayPal code for the charge of US$1.00 equivalent.

            5. Then, return to PayPal and enter the 4-digit code to confirm your card to proof that you are the card holder. The US$1.00 will be refunded once the 4-digit code is confirmed. 

            You can still use your Paypal even though the 4-digit code is not yet confirmed.



            Updated: 08 Jun 2017 05:26 PM
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