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            I have a Citizen Exceed watch (movement H010) but I don't understand Japanese, Please help.

            Please read at least once before setting.

            To adjust the time and date manually without receiving the standard radio signal (align manually, and calendar time (year, month, and day),
            For example, 7.05pm 25/8/2014.

            1. Pull out the crown to is set to "2" position of the crown (Crown at furthest out = 2 clicks out)
            2. Second hand will move to the position of 30 seconds. (6 o'clock)
            3. Press button A (located at the side at 4 o'clock)
            4. Second hand will move to the position of 0 seconds (12 o'clock) , Now you can adjust "minute", "time and date" and "years since month, leap year".
            Note: Each time you press the button, "minute" → "time and date" → (back to the beginning) → "years elapsed from the moon-leap year" will be switched.
            5. Align the minute by turning the crown. (This is after you have press the button A at Step 3. Every one minute = second hand will turn 1 round. Turn the crown until you have reach 05 minute.
            6. Press button A for time and date setting.
            7. Hour hand moves slightly, which means watch is at time and date adjustment.
            You set the date and time by turning the crown. Turn the crown forward will you reach 25th. The date will move in accordance to how many rounds the hour hand moves.
            8. Press button A for year setting.
            The second hand points to the current month and year (factory settings).
            Please see details on how only the month and year, "Display of the month" and "display of the year."
            Align the years since leap year and month by turning the crown. Turn the second hand to 42 minutes / seconds (August zone = between 8:00 and 9:00.)

            Read Page 78 and page 79 of the below URL. Month August Year 2014 is at 42 minute mark.

            9. Push the crown back to "0" position.
            You have now completed the setting for your watch.

            Note: This watch has perpetual calendar settings. So please set the year and month exactly at 42 minute mark so that the watch can display correct dates accordingly.

            Updated: 08 Jun 2017 03:02 PM
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