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            Instructions on how to set the time for Casio G-Shock GS-1001 (Layman explaination)

            Eg. If today is 6th November 2007. Please see your instruction manual on the watch to see which buttons are for A, B, C, and D.

            1.  Press  A  for  3  seconds  until  you  hear  a  beep  sound.  Please  note  that  there must be a beep sound to start setting the time.

             2.  Once  you  hear  the  beep  sound,  the  second  hand  to  go  to  a  city.  Factory setting is Tokyo.

            3.  Use D to change city. See the second hand for changes. (Then press A again if you want to stop setting the time. Do not press A if you wish to continue to set the date, calendar and DST).

             4.  Press B for DST function. See the subdial at 6 o’clock position. Press B to turn  the DST on or off.

            5.  Press  C  when  you  finish.  You  will  hear  a  beep  sound.  Then  the  second  hand will  move  to  12  o’clock  and  the  hour  and  minute  hand  will  change automatically to the correct time as per your selected city.

            6.  Change the minute or hour hand if the time is incorrectly changed by using D to forward or B to go backwards.

            7.  Press  C  once  and  it  will  beep  again.  Note  that  the  second  hand  will  run clockwise  for  1  round.  When  it  stops,  Now  continue  to  Year  setting.  See  6 o’clock  subdial.  2007  is  number  7  and  press  D  to  choose  the  index  between (longer index) between 6 and 8.

            8.  Press C again which the watch will beep once again. Now to Month setting.

            9.  Use D to select Month. See the second hand, it will move clockwise. When it stops then you choose 11 o’clock as November.

            10. Press C again, and it will beep once.

            11. Use  D  &  B  to  select  the  correct  date.  See  Date  between  4  o’clock  and  5 o’clock. Select today’s date at # 6 by pressing D to forward it. Press D once at a time slowly.

            12.  Press C again. It will beep twice this time.

            13. Once you have finished all steps above, Press A. The 6 o’clock position subdial will start as normal watch as a second hand.

              Good luck. 

            Updated: 12 Jun 2017 04:01 PM
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