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            Resize bracelet pin (for Split pin bracelet type)

            Tools required:

            How to remove the split pins:
            OUT (remove pin):

            1. Place the bracelet inside the bracelet sizing block. Make sure the ARROW points towards the table. Consider removing the spring bar in the deployant at 12 o'clock. You may consider working with an open bracelet (without the bracelet sizing block) is a lot easier and faster. Reinserting the spring bar in the deployant gets really easy if you have done it a couple of times.

            2. Place the pin pusher carefully over the rounded end (no slot visible) of the link pin and first try by simply pushing the pin pusher in. Be careful: you do not want to drive the pin out with big force and leave a mark on the bracelet by the pin pusher's shoulder. So always press the pusher in a very controlled way.

            3. If the link pins are stuck, use the small hammer and carefully hammer down on the pin pusher driving the split pin out. Sometimes link pins on the same bracelet almost fall out, others are very tight. This depends on the manufacturing tolerances of the holes, but mainly on the manufacturing tolerances of the split pins. Careful again! Once the split pin is almost out, you do not want the shoulder of the pin pusher landing on the bracelet with force leaving a mark on the side of the link.

            4. If the pin is half out, you may use a pair of pliers to pull it out because you may not want the shoulder of the pin pusher to land on the link.

            Alternative: Using a bracelet sizing tool can make pushing split pins out really easy. Simply align the spindle of the tool with the rounded end of the split pin and turn the wheel and the tip of the spindle will slowly drive the link pin out. Follow this link or click on the thumbnail below to see a pictorial on how to use this clever little tool

            IN (Put back in):

            5. You have removed sufficient links. We prefer less links on the 6 o'clock side of the bracelet. This way, the deployment is more likely in the middle of the under-side of your wrist. Now make sure that you insert the rounded head against the ARROW direction. It is a common mistake to insert the split end in ARROW direction. And a lot of split pins have been destroyed by this mistake.

            6. To find the correct end position of the reinserted pin, please heave a look at the illustration below:

            Updated: 12 Jun 2017 03:42 PM
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