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            Seiko Kinetic

            Seiko Kinetic is the first quartz watch powered by human movement, a development so significant it led to the application for more than 50 patents. The process uses an oscillating  weight  that  is  rotated  by  the  movement  of  your  wrist:  this  movement  is transformed  into  a  magnetic  charge,  then  into  electricity,  which  is  stored  in  a  tiny capacitor  or  a  rechargeable  battery.  A  Power  Reserve  Indicator  shows  exactly  how much energy you’ve created.

            Special Features

            •  Never needs winding
            •  Never needs a battery change
            •  Captures and stores energy for up to six months (most models
            •  Environmentally friendly

            To initially start your watch, you are required to swing your watch from side to side in a horizontal arc. When the watch is swung, the oscillating weight in the generating system rotates to drive the mechanism. As it rotates, it gives out a sound, which is not a malfunction. When the watch is fully charged, the watch will keep operating  If you use the watch only occasionally, it is likely that you will find the watch running down  when  you  decide  to  use  it.  Before  wearing  the  watch,  be  sure  to  charge  it sufficiently following the below procedure. Please also note that even if the watch is worn on your arm, it will not be charged while your arm is not in motion eg. working on computer all day.


             1.  Swing the watch from side to side approximately 500 times.
            ==> Swing rhythmically at a rate of twice a second.  
            ==> 500 swings will start the watch and the second hand will move at a one-second intervals. 

            2.  Swing  the  watch  approximately  200  times  further  to  reserve  one  day  of power reserve.

            3.  Set the time / calendar and put on the watch.
            Updated: 08 Jun 2017 11:02 PM
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