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            Seiko manual winding watch

            A  manual  winding  feature  which  needs  to  be  wound  by  the wearer  using  the  winding  crown.  This  winds  the  mainspring  up  which  then releases its energy to power the watch. If you haven't worn an automatic in a  while,  it  is  best  to  wind  the  stopped  watch  before  putting  it  on.  10  to  15 turns of the crown is usually enough to give full power to the mainspring.  But be aware that the barrel in an automatic movement doesn't have a hook so that you won't feel any resistance when the mainspring is fully wound. Do not over wound by winding it more than 20-30 at one time.  It  is  preferable, however  to wind  these watches  every day  and at  about  the same time because this will increase their precision. Try to wind your watch at the same time every day. This is extremely beneficial for the mechanism. You may want to make it a routine, winding it once every morning when you wake up.

            Which way do I turn the crown to wind the watch?

            Almost  all  mechanical  watches  wind  by  turning  the  crown  clockwise  (if  you are  looking  straight  at  the  logo on  the crown). When  you  are  looking  at  the face of the watch, this means rotating the upper face of the crown upwards, toward the 12.

            Updated: 12 Jun 2017 03:27 PM
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