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            What is Automatic movement and the advantages of owning this watch?

            Basically, an automatic movement is mechanical movement with a self-winding design. An automatic watch harnesses the energy produced by motion to wind the spring. This movement features a rotor that spins when the watch is in motion as when the wearer moves his arm. The mechanism transfers the energy from the spinning rotor to the main spring of the winding system.

            Automatic watches have all of the advantages of mechanical watches--detailed construction, durability--plus the owner does not need to manually wind the timepiece frequently. If you wear the watch every day, it will maintain its power reserve.

            One drawback to mechanical and automatic movements is that they can gain or lose a few minutes per month; thus, an owner should check these watches once or twice a month and adjust the time. 

            Updated: 22 May 2017 04:54 PM
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