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            What is Quartz movement and the advantages of owning this watch?

            Quartz movement is an extremely reliable timekeeper; it is also cost effective for both the manufacturer and the consumer. The most affordable watches have quartz movement.

            Quartz movement is powered by a battery. It is called quartz movement because the battery works in combination with a quartz crystal. The battery passes an electric current through the crystal to keep it oscillating at over 32,000 vibrations per second. This vibrating crystal drives a step motor that moves the watch hands at a constant rate to keep time accurately. A good quartz movement is accurate to within 0.5-2 seconds per day. On average, the battery needs to be changed every one and a half years.

            The quartz crystal and battery combination of the quartz watch is basic, but there is some variation in the watchmaking industry. Swiss quartz movement combines the movement with the chassis and jewels of a mechanical watch to form the most accurate and most durable quartz watches. A few quartz watches have solar-powered rechargeable batteries. Some quartz movements feature a kinetic system, similar to those in automatic watches, in which a rotor produces the electrical current that powers the watch.

            The greatest advantage of the quartz watch, other than its relative affordability, is the fact that the movement needs no winding to keep it working. Quartz movement watches also require fewer time adjustments and less maintenance than mechanical watches. The gears of a quartz watch rarely, if ever, need lubricating.

            Updated: 22 May 2017 04:57 PM
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