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            What type of warranty does my watch comes with?

            All of Bodying’s Watches comes completed with at least 1 Year either Manufacturer's Limited Warranty, Manufacturer's Worldwide Limited Warranty, Seller's Limited Warranty or Japan Domestic Limited Warranty.

            • Manufacturer's Limited Warranty: Warranty is only claimable from the original country which issued the warranty. (ie: Warranty issue by the retailers in USA; watch has to send to the service centres in USA).

            • Manufacturer's Worldwide Limited Warranty: Warranty is claimable anywhere in the world if the respective brand's service centre is available in that country.

            • Seller's Limited Warranty (Bodying Warranty): Send the watch back to Bodying Watch Clinic for warranty claim.

            • Japan Domestic Limited Warranty: Send the watch back to Japan for warranty claim via Bodying Watch Clinic.


            *Please refer to each individual's product page for the respective types of warranty the watch comes with. Terms and conditions of the warranties apply.



            Updated: 13 Jun 2019 10:11 PM
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