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            Why do I need to verify my payment since I paid using Paypal?

            All PayPal payments must be made from a verified account with a confirmed shipping address. However, we understand that a confirmed address is not always possible. Therefore, depending on the outcome of our internal risk assessment; we may accept payments from unverified/unconfirmed addresses.

            Paypal is our payment processor and by submitting a PayPal payment without a confirmed address, you are agreed to have a risk assessment carried out to evaluate the risk level involved. The procedures and standards of the internal risk assessment cannot be disclosed. Hence, you will be asked to verify that you're the card owner of that order and that the shipping information are legitimate.

            All other cases (such as unconfirmed addresses) will be assessed individually and a delay maybe caused due to a payment evaluation.

            Bodying reserves the right to immediately refund/reject your PayPal payment if:
            - Refusal/fail to complete the risk assessment.
            - Failed our internal risk assessment.
            - Any other risks detected / the legitimate of information are questionable.


            Updated: 08 Jun 2017 05:30 PM
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